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Birmingham City Üniversitesi 1992 yılında üniversite unvanını almıştır ve 24000’in üzerinde öğrenci nüfusuna sahip çok büyük bir üniversitedir. İngiltere’nin en büyük şehirlerinden biri olan Birmingham’ın farklı yerlerine dağılmış 8 kampüsten oluşan bir şehir üniversitesidir. 1600’ün üzerinde yabancı öğrencinin eğitim aldığı üniversitede ‘’Yönetim Bilimleri’, ‘Sanat ve Tasarım’, ‘Eğitim, Hukuk ve Sosyal Bilimler’, Performans, Medya ve İngilizce’, ‘Teknoloji, Mühendislik ve Çevre Bilimleri’ adı altında 6 fakülte bulunmaktadır.  Üniversitenin en güçlü olduğu alanlar arasında fen bilimleri, yeni medya teknolojileri, bilgisayar bilimleri, sanat ve tasarım ve güzel sanatlar bulunuyor.

Adres: Birmingham City University City North Campus Perry Barr Birmingham B42 2SU UCAS Code B25
Telefon: +44 (0) 121 331 5595

Birmingham City University Öne Çıkanlar / Sıralamalar

İngiltere Sıralaması: 82

Öğrenci Akademisyen Oranı: 21.2

Öne Çıkan Öğrenciler

  • Daniella Genas (BA (Hons) Media and Communication and MA Media Enterprise) has successfully combined business acumen with a social conscience at Birmingham-based event management company Aspire4u – where all profits are re-invested in the Aspire4u Community Interest Company (CIC) which organises a range of projects to provide work experience for young people from disadvantaged backgrounds.
  • Jon Riche (BA (Hons) Visual Communication) turned his hobby of making films into a successful career after completing his studies at the University. He has directed music videos for various artists including Kasabian, Just Jack, Moby and The Feeling, as well as commercials for well-known brands such as Nissan, Ikea and Nike. He formed the comedy collective Broken Biscuits with friend Spencer Jones, writing and directing the BAFTA-nominated show Big Babies on CBBC.
  • Neil Edginton (BSc (Hons) Environmental Planning, 1999 and MSc Construction Project Management) has played an integral role in many of the exciting developments that have changed Birmingham’s skyline in recent years, as part of the team behind such iconic developments as Fort Dunlop, the Mailbox and the Cube. He then set up his own company, EDG Property, which is currently redeveloping the Clock Tower, a listed former adult education centre in Harborne, into several premium restaurants, a cookery school and a small number of special apartments.
  • Nigel Hanson (LLB (Hons) Law) has helped scores of young people develop their potential and raise their aspirations through the sport of basketball since establishing Birmingham A’s Basketball Club in 2003. As a local resident and former professional basketball player in the late 80s and early 90s, Nigel identified with the issues faced by young people in his community and decided to provide them with opportunities to get involved in sport through volunteering.
  • Emma Shipley (BA (Hons) Textile Design) is a talented and creative textile designer and illustrator who has already achieved great things in the four years since she graduated from the University. She has won a number of awards for her work, which has been described as 'astonishingly skilful and distinctive', and received international acclaim. Her exquisite drawings feature wild animals and plants in intricate, imaginative designs.
  • Keira O’Mara (BSc (Hons) Environmental Planning) has made a name for herself as an inventor and businesswoman, designing a discreet and supportive breastfeeding scarf which has proved a big hit with mothers around the country. The Mamascarf – a hammock-type device which goes around the mother’s neck to shield and support the baby – was initially sold through her own website, and has since attracted enough attention to go on sale in outlets such as Tesco, Boots and Kiddicare.
  • Simon Vinton and Matthew Armstrong (BA (Hons) Furniture Design) established Armstrong Vinton Furniture together shortly after graduating. The company makes bespoke high-end furniture, turning over just under £1 million in 2010. Over its first decade, the business has grown to employ 18 people, and the duo also have plans to launch their own range of furniture.
  • Bethann Siviter (DipHE Adult Nursing) is a well-known nursing writer, speaker and advocate for students, healthcare assistants and the art of nursing practice, as well as the author of two bestselling textbooks for trainee nurses. She overcame sudden illness and disability in 2006, not only returning to her demanding role as a Nurse Consultant but also using her experiences to help support other people with disabilities who work in nursing.
  • Makhdum (Mak) Ali Chishty (QPM (LLB (Hons) Law) joined Warwickshire Police as an 18-year-old and was quickly promoted to CID, where he held a variety of senior positions, before moving back into uniform as Borough Commander for the town of Rugby. Mak was awarded the Queen's Police Medal in Her Majesty’s New Year’s Honours in 2009, and shortly afterwards took on the high-profile role as Commander for North London in the Metropolitan Police.
  • Luke Perry (BA (Hons) Fine Art) is passionate about art and engineering, and uses his expertise in both fields to design and build large-scale sculptures that celebrate the Midlands’ industrial heritage. He is founder and director of Industrial Heritage Stronghold, a not-for-profit organisation which aims to 'build Public Artworks which celebrate our industrial heritage in a very real way'.

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Postgraduate Loyalty Scholarships

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Mevcut Birmingham City University Öğrencilerine;

Birmingham City University’de lisans derecesini tamamlamış ve yüksek lisansını da bu üniversitede tamamlayacak olan yüksek lisans öğrencilerine %10 burs verilmektedir. Eğer bu öğrenci 2:2 başarısını gösterirse ekstra %5 bursa daha hak kazanmaktadır. Eğer aynı öğrenci 2:1 başarısını gösterirse ekstra %5 bursa daha hak kazanmaktadır.

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Aşağıdaki bölümler yukarıdaki burs imkanlarından muaftır:

  • MA Design Innovation Management*

  • MSc Data Analytics and Management*

  • MA Fashion Management*

  • MA Fashion Media Management*

  • MA Fashion Retail Management*

  • MA Global Education Management*

  • MA Global Media Management*

  • MA Global Media Management (The News Business)*

  • MA Global Media Management (Advertising Industry)*

  • MA Global Media Management (The Music Business)*

  • MSc Oil and Gas Management*; MA Textile Management*

  • MA Luxury Brand Management**; MA Luxury Jewellery Management**

  • MA Luxury Product Management**; PGCE and PCET; MA Teaching and Learning

  • MA Education and Leadership; + Continuing Professional Development (CPD) courses in the field of health

*Ayrıca 2000 GBP burs imkanı mevcuttur.

** Ayrıca 3000 GBP burs imkanı mevcuttur.

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